Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are gigantic portals that do one thing exceptionally well. They bring people together. Whether it's 140 characters, a wall post, or a 3rd degree connection – strong social networks create robust virtual environments for us to park our digital identities.

But Social Networks go beyond consumer purposes. Today, they connect businesses, non-profits, governments, and organizations better within each other. “Niche” social networks help employees better collaborate. They give members a chance to connect. They help employers stay in better touch with staff.

The way we leverage social is changing. At SwipeTrack, we realize the incredible value in creating communities that are able to share information, resources, and intelligence with each other. We build platforms that make it easier for people to feel like they’re sharing knowledge, not just data.


Social Network Basics


Niche Networks take a small population and build strong communities. Sneaker lovers, theater goers, movie watchers, bird watchers – finding a dedicated, valuable community is the easiest way to create rich data for advertising-based models.


Today's social network doesn't exist on the web. It doesn't exist on mobile. It exists everywhere. From iPhones to Windows PCs to Android tablets to Macs to iPads, social networks are only as strong as ensuring your users have access to its functionalities.


Your users, whether they’re for your consumer-based company, or for your business applications – should be tiered into multiple levels. For example, you may have moderators who need special privileges to monitor and delete content created by the community.


We build Niche Social Networks because we know the value of bringing people together. Today, social networks generate large amounts of data, and we use Big Data tools to understand deeper trends within communities.


As your internal network grows from 1K to 5K or your social network goes from 75K to 1MM – more users mean more data. We build algorithms to ensure you don't inundate users with information, and instead, show relevant streams of the most important content.


Whether you're building an application for your employees or for millions of customers, user onboarding is key. We design systems that help users gradually learn your platform to decrease the chances of user abandonment.


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